Thursday, 3 December 2015

"Oh, The HORROR! The HORROR!!!!"

There was I at a loose-end - what with her ladyship out for the evening and me home early from work unexpectedly ... so I thought "Hmmm maybe just a little bit of figure painting to be done".

Now I have had it up to the back-teeth with painting Orcs & Goblins & Trolls & various assorted monsters for Warband ... so I though I'll just pop into the famous Wargames Cupboard and see if I can root out those Sarmatian 28mm Cavalry I 'know' that are in there somewhere - painted but not yet based. So I can augment my Early Imperial Romans for LaG.

So I switched on the light (which is outside the door) and opened the door ... when the smell hit me ... holy shit ... DAMP!!!

There I was facing a huge slowly collapsing heap of soldiers, terrain and soaking wet boxes. The bloody toilet in the bathroom above had sprung a leak. As Marlon Brando say in that well known film 'Plumbing Apocolypse Now!' ... "Oh the horror! The horror!!!

Looking back it can only have been leaking for a couple of day maximum as I went into the cupboard only on Monday night to put back my LaG Romans after crushing rebellious Roman Govner Steve Price in a LaG Competition practice game ... but the damage is catastrophic. 
Mostly it is the terrain that has taken the brunt of the damage ... boccage never does well in bad weather, let alone a flood. Most of my 28mm armies are ok but a couple of 15mm have suffered from heavier boxes on top crushing the damp boxes they were in at the bottom of the stack. I've lost a load of part painted plaster of paris rivers (another lesson learned there!) and also got a lot of very damp bases I am praying will not curl as they dry (fingers crossed)

The saddest loss will be my snowy forest terrain - the MDF is curling as I watch it ... with pine trees, melted snow and rocks pinging off and being shed in avalanches ... but it is a salutary warning and a lesson learned (the hard way) ... 

1). don't use cowboy plumbers - not matter that they did the work 10 years ago

2). don't stack soldier boxes too high 

3). buy those plastic 'snap' boxes from Staples - sod the cost - as those all survived unscathed and so did their contents

Ah well ... it could have been worse (or could it) ... 

I was planning another clear out over the Xmas hols anyway ...

I also found 2 whole armies I'd forgotten all about ... 

and as Cathy said upon her return "well all those cardboard boxes acted like a sponge and must have soaked all the water and stopped it from going through to the kitchen ... that was lucky" ... (:(

I'll get me coat! (that's be a rain-mac I assume sir? Suits you Sir, suits you!)

Note (Official Sensor): all photographs of this terrible catastrophe have been sensored to protect the sensativities of wargaming viewers ... but have been sent to Aviva in the vain hope that they might be covered under my home contents policy.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Cold War Commander - Battle for Hannover (photo dump):

I am so busy @ work at present all I am doing is dumping my photos from the fantastic CWC Battle Hannover 6mm mega-game:

Day 1: Saturday

Day 2: Sunday

Captions to be added when I get some time

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

2015 Future War Boot Camp 6mm Sci-Fi (a Lorra-lorra picture)

NOTE: for now this is just a massive photo dump from the FWC 2015 Boot Camp weekend - if you missed it this year you should just weeep & make sure you have it in the diary for next year.
Lot & lots of fun & laughs was had by all [even Rodger who managed to throw 3 (yes 3) Double:6 command blunders in 4 dice rolls - thankfully on a nice planet empty of anything hostile!] - oh how we larf'd & larf'd & larf'd!

I will slowly (over time) add some labels for the photos, and some descriptive narrative but for now this is just to wet your appetites:

Day 1 - a Mad Max scenario on my Scabby Desert terrain
The objective. A crash-landed alien ship with valuable data to be down-loaded by COs who start their initiative phase in contact with it
Al (Shedman) - centre, Rodger - right & Gordon - left (in his now distinctivly recognisable pose - checking something devious in his much thumbed copy of FWC!)
Gordon's Scavengers advance over the drop-zone/airfield

Steve's Space Marines make it to the Objective first & form a defensive screen around their CO
The Pax Arcadians cautiously move onto the table (is that their Commander checking his military text-book?)
Oh dear ... Luke's Space Marines (arriving late to the party top right) sneak up on Gordon's Scavengers 
My Orange Orkz - bikes & pig riders sweep around the left flank & a patch of soft sand onto Pauls rear
Gordon ... "I think you'll find that page 76, paragraph 3, sub-sentance 4 ... that you are well & truely stuffed! I think that is the correct technical term. Ah yes ... it says it right there!"
The Pax Arcadians advance in text-book formation (see, I was right about that text-book)
The Marine perimetre - "hold the line"
A nice satallite shot of the action, with the Space Marines top left by the toxic acid-lake, Mikes Eldritch slowly move on hugging the terrain bottom centre & the Pax Arcadian top centre
Steve's Marine CO shifts to the flank of the downed space-ship to hopefully avoid the attentions of the Pax-Arcadians 
The rest of my Orange Orkz cautiously move towards the Space Marine defensive parimetre (not probably the best of plans)
My Orange Orkz being hit in the flank by Steve's Space Marines (ah well ... it seemed like a good plan at the time)
The remains of my Orange Orkz led by their 'mullah' in his mobile prayer tower - with their CO (in his mono-cycle in support)  continue their advance on Paul (who also had a Space Marine force)
The PA's dismount & Opp-fire with Smart-missiles
Another small but deadly force - Mike's Eldritch IFVs advance
Steve's Space Marine CO having been over-run by Rodger's Pax Arcadians falls back into the toxix acid waste lake from the industrial fascility - oh how we laughed & laughed & laughed - ho! ho! ho!

Oh dear ... Lukes howitzer barrage aimed at Mike's Eldritch  nearly deviated enough to catch Gordon's tripod CO in the blast template ... but not quite 
The PA's open-fire again, is that another 6 you've thrown Rodger?
Shedmans - Red Nazi Scavengers fighting their way into the industrial factory complex
A nice shot of the fighting in the Industrial complex between Gordon's & Shedman's Scavenger clans
The Gene Bank @ Dudley Zoo - the focus for my Saturday afternoon game

The Dudley Zoo table from the Neo-Soviet landing zone ... nobody is quite sure what the large black cloud was that sat over the Gene Bank all day - but a theory was that it was a swarm of geometric formation flying bees ... 
A rather nice armoured wormy thing in the open-park in the zoo
Something that looks a bit like sand-hoppers or shrimpy things
A two legged jumping creature - but with a lot of teeth
Another version of the two legged teethy things
A very rare Zebra shrimp - it was the last one alive in captivity - until the Neo-soviets shot it up
more fierce critters

The Neo-Soviet force disembarks and advances into the zoo
A very nasty infestation of Jawas ... eek ... get out the flame-throwers!!!

The Neo-Soviets enter the parkland. With lots of free-roaming critters and white concrete pens that all looked ominously empty (to start with)
Jawa's attack Neo-Soviet Mammoth Tanks & Vombat IFVs - with the FAO & an APC on the road
The Neo-Sovs split up to deal with ever increasing numbers of Jawa's

Yet more Jawa's ... thankfully this lot were easily suppressed
Putin's Finest - my Neo-Soviets advance deeper into the Dudley Zoo complex - shooting everything that moves - well they make nice trophies & photo-opps or the media

Paul's fantastic 'Developed'World' table ... I am not sure what the scenario was as I was too engrossed in game-hunting in Shedman's zoo

Some sort of Land-train (but I have no idea what it was up to)
Nasty looking walkers & flamer-tanks (glad I got to a day out at the zoo)

Sunday Morning & it's a "Stargate too Far"

Black Teams Homeworld (at peace)

Stargate Table 1 - Gordon's desolate industrial wasteland
Stargate Planet 2 - Shedman's nice green peaceful steppe planet
Paul's manicured Garden City World: Stargate Table 3
Steve's Stargate Table 4 (Rocky Red Desert)
A close-up of Steve's rather nice but very nasty infestation - on the Rocky Red Desert table
Stargate Planet 5 - my Scabby Desert terrain (again)
Stargate Planet 6 - Steve's Urban Paradise
Red Team Homeworld - with a minimalist defense force - well a couple of huge nasties & two big bunker complexes + a nuclear power plant & genetically modified crops ... hmmm ... me thinks I 'smell' Gordon's influence here?
Black Team Homework: with the various armies deployed ready to pass through the Stargate.  
Neo-Soviets top left, Pax Arcadian centre left, PacFeds centre front & Rodgers Red Rovers on the right
Stargate Planet 1: The armour under the coloured domes (Shields to you & I) are something to do with Graham - that is all he could afford with his 1,500pts ... so my guess is that they will be very nasty. The force to their right is Paul's rather fetching PacFed grav armour. Between them they made up the Armoured Spearhead from the  Black team, specifically devised to go through the 1st Stargate (bottom centrre)

Rodger's Red Rovers arrive through the Stargate onto Planet 6 & a warm welcome from the Krays
Steve's pinko Kraytonians shift into teleport mode - which always scrambles the camera
The Table 6 Stargate fires up again suppressing the Pax Arcadian & Red Rovers (more nasty critters in the pens on the top right) but who is coming through the gate behind them ????
The Krays re-appear on the flank, out of Teleport - small but deadly

Gordons giant 'jihaadi' lizard moves off in seach of lunch

Mike's Eldrich emerge from the Stargate onto my Scabby Desert world terrain (Stargate Table 5) - all on their own ... a re-occuring feature of Mike's trips through the Stargates
Black Team Homeworld - home defense force ... the Neo-Soviets formed & ready to repel all invaders (but there where none) - sadly
More of the happy Campers: Gordon (left) Paul (centre - seated); Colin (standing up); Mike (right) moving his Eldritch out of the Stargate into the jaws of Paul & Grahams trap; and Graham (bottom right). All fighting it out on the Red Team Home World (very much not at peace).
A final close up of Mike's Eldrich advancing out of the Stargate & into the firing arcs of three enemy Black Team armies ... ouch!!!

That's all for now folks ... I'll add more narrative as & when i have the time
Bye for Now