Friday 26 February 2021

Pendraken 2021 Painting Competition Entries

 I'll complete the text around this later - but for now I'll just upload all the photos I want to use.

Firstly the 2 photos I am allowed for the single Fantasy unit - a hard choice from the entire army, but in the end I chose the General (Daimyo) base - which I buy as 1d6+2 with Fierce (+5pts) and Powerful (+5pts):

Daimyo - 1 d6+2 + Fierce & Powerful
Rear view

Just the commander on his own without his body guards - and of course the guitarist is playing "I'm a believer ..." what else would you expect !!!

Next on the list is the full Army
This is as follows: 
Diamyo (back centre), flanked by 2 units of Warriors (one on the left is upgraded to Powerful) and a converted Drummer add-on in front 
2nd row from rear has Primordial Ones (left), Water Elementals (center) and Temple Guardians (right);
3rd row has Samurai Tiger Riders (left), Kraken - magic users (center) and Spirit Tigers (right);
the 4th (front) row are 3 units of Samurai Ape Archers - classified as Defensive, Formed and Shieldwall (because they are behind their rice-straw bale pavices)

Some additional images to add to the main army image:
Kraken (magic-user) in their protective enclosure

mounted Samurai Ape riders on Spirit Tigers

Temple Guardians

Water Elementals

Some of the core army troops - Samurai Ape Archers behind their pavices

And finally some Primordial Ones ... I might be tempted to model a few more of these, and see if I can make them look a bit more ferocious! 

I'll add some more photos as this project progresses, but I am also now digging out my part-painted 28mm Orc army and the Wood Elf and Taurian force I had started and put to one side. Images of all of those to follow.

Spirit Tigers and Samurai mounted archers riding Spirit Tigers
Rear view
I am tempted for the next batch of Tigers and Tiger mounts to vary the colours of the Tigers - blues, greens, reds, pinks, browns - but still with the tiger patterns - as these are, after all, mysterious, magical and mythical beasts

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  1. Nice one Mr F. Good to see you back putting content on your blog. Look forward to seeing some more ;-)
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